Visitation (now called Time-Sharing in Florida)

How much time can you spend with your children?


Sometimes people get taken advantage of. Don't assume you have to agree to a schedule that you think is not fair. Allow us to fight for you.  Even if you already have an agreement on time-sharing in Florida, your circumstances may justify going to court to get that changed. We may be able to help.

Time with children is important


Just because your relationship with the child's other parent is over doesn't mean that you should miss out on being in your child's life.  If you are looking for a Treasure Coast lawyer to help you with visitation, contact our law firm.

Don't wait around


The longer you delay contacting a lawyer to help you, the longer it may be before you can spend more time with your children.  We understand that this is very important and we stand ready to help you. Contact us to make an appointment so we can analyze your situation and discuss wheat you rrights are under Florida law.